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Student, University of Oklahoma

Who am I?

As a Native American of the Choctaw tribe, I applied for the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program.


This video application I made serves as a proper "about me." As you may be able to tell by my appearance(s), it's very surprising I wasn't accepted.

(Subjective) Fun Facts About Me:

1. I have webbed toes

2. I was birthed by midwives

3. I think fun facts are an irrelevant way to describe who someone is

4. I'm out of fun facts

5. I am now going to list fun facts unrelated to me

6. African wild dogs vote on pack decisions by sneezing

7. The color orange was named after the fruit orange, not the other way around

8. The body of Christ has a gluten free version

9. Garbage trucks in Taiwan play a musical tune like ice cream trucks

10. There are only 2 escalators in the entire state of Wyoming

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